Formula in AutoCat

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I am attempting to use AutoCat to populate the Check Number column in my Transactions sheet.
I thought that I was being sneaky, and made a formula to get it from the Full Description column [I].
However, it does not seem to work when I run AutoCat.

Formula: =RIGHT(INDIRECT("I"&ROW()),4)

I think a possible solution would be to use an =ARRAYFORMULA on row 1 of the Check Number column, but I was hoping to have something that did not have to calculate a formula for each of my 8 thousand rows.

Any way to have AutoCat do this?

I can’t think of a way to have AutoCat do this because it needs something to match on E.g. description contains and then you define what the override should be in the AutoCat sheet itself. I don’t think the AutoCat sheet can handle formulas.

@brasten would our experimental workflow service version handle something like this?

something like this, yes, definitely. Not sure if the version we’re testing today has all the pieces needed or not but it wouldn’t be complicated to make it work I wouldn’t think.

Thanks for the replies. I am learning new things about Tiller every day. If this becomes a “thing” I will be first to try it.

Thanks again!