Can I edit links in templates?

Hi Everyone,

Is it an option to change the links in templates? I haven’t seen how, but that may be b/c I’m new to using Google Sheets. I’m an advanced user in Excel, so I expect that the answer is no since the formulas aren’t accessible from the cells.

In this case, my objective is to have the monthly budget amounts from the Categories tab link to a spreadsheet I’m customizing. That part is easy, the hurdle is how to break the template’s link b/w the Categories tab and the Savings Budget tab. I don’t want the same figures going to both my customized tab and the Savings Budget tab (Budget column).

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.


You can definitely change formulas in any template. The trick is doing it without breaking something else. Lots of columns in Google Sheets templates are populated by queries or array formulas, so if you don’t see a formula in the cell you’re click in, look at the top of the column, or even up and to the left for formulas that can fill across many columns. Many templates also have ‘helper data’ which is typically hidden to the right, so look for hidden columns that may contain data that is used to generate the data you are seeing.

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thank you for the response.

It appears that both of your potential situations are happening here (array formula at top of column and helper data to the right). How can I view the helper data? It is hidden by some feature I’m not familiar with that blocks the column altogether.

You should see a small black triangle pointing left in column M of the Savings Budget sheet. Click the triangle and all the hidden columns will be exposed.

Thanks! That was very helpful.

Following that guidance, I successfully eliminated the formula for the budget column on the Savings Budget tab.

Before doing so, I created a copy of the spreadsheet (File/Make a Copy). Now the copied Savings Budget spreadsheet will not update. Do you have any thoughts on why that is? The Extensions tab at the top will launch the Tiller Community Solutions sidebar, but the tab has fewer options than the original spreadsheet (see screenshot). And when I select Update Savings Budget from the sidebar it just “spins”.

It sounds like your spreadsheets are in a wonky state.

Are you trying to run the Tiller Community Solution add-on in the copy of your original spreadsheet, @thomasnjefferson? You many need to Launch then install the add-on in the new spreadsheet. It might not yet have sufficient permissions to populate the sidebar with the additional options. Or is it launching but just not working.

Do all of the sheets have their original proper names (i.e. no tabs renamed to start with “Copy of…”)?