Simple vs budget enabled Category template

Hi, It seems that there are 2 versions fo the Categories template. A simpler version without the month columns and and a regular version with the month columns where budgets can be entered. I have the simpler version but don’t know how to upgrade to the regular version. For this reason, I am unable to do any budgeting. Appreciate any help. thanks!

I would think you could rename your “Categories” sheet, and then copy a new one from the template that has the month columns, making sure you name it “Categories”.


Yes, that worked. I renamed the ‘Categories’ sheet and then inserted another solution ‘Monthly Budget’ that required the Categories sheet with month columns as a dependency and it worked. I copied over my existing categories from the renamed sheet to sync things up. All good now - thank you for the suggestion!


One note about this solution is that your Transactions sheet might still be looking for the original Categories sheet that you renamed. You’d want to make sure your dropdown menu’s data validation rule on the Category column on the Transactions sheet is set to =Categories!$A$2:$A

Click any cell in the Category column in Transactions and from the Data menu at the top choose “Data Validation”

Make sure the list from a range criteria is =Categories!$A$2:$A

Then make sure that the cell range at the top is Transactions!D2:D and this will apply the rule to the entire column.