Envelope Budget Template - tracking a category month to month

I have been using the envelope budget template and I have liked it so far, but I do find a few things here and there that i don’t under stand. Below is an example.

i have my monthly budget set-up and recently adding a category to it so I could track some new expenses. Here is what things have looked like

Month One - New transaction assigned to the category -$238.00, roll over = $0, budget = $0, avialble = -$238, prior = $0

Month Two - New transaction assigned to the categoy $-431, roll over = 0, budget = 80, available = -$351, prior = 238

My question is why does the available = -$351? I would think the math would look like as follows:
-238 + 80 - 431 = -589 available.

I suppose i may have rolled something over to this category at some point, but then I would assume it would have shown up as a roll over.


@fost9508, sorry for the delay here.

On your Categories sheet, is the only category that has this category in question assigned as the rollover to itself?

Let’s say it’s groceries. Is groceries the only category that has “Groceries” assigned in the Rollover TO column?

Just wondering if you’re getting rollovers from somewhere else.

It’s a little hard to diagnose without screenshots, if you don’t mind sharing maybe we can figure it out but you’re right the math on that template is confusing.