Can I reverse the behavior of "Hide" in Category sheet?

Sheets Foundation Template - I really appreciate the automatic and robust changes to the “Yearly Budget” tab when I flip a category to ‘Hide’ in the “Categories” tab. I would like to create a copy of the “Yearly Budget” tab and have it do the exact opposite behavior (i.e., populate a “2nd Yearly Budget” tab showing ONLY the hidden categories). My goal is to have two independent Yearly Budget tabs (a not-hidden version and a hidden version) based on a single series of hidden categories. Is this possible? It feels like it might be a single change deep in the template, but I might be fantasizing. Thank you.

The way I accomplish this is to have two different sets of “Hide” columns in my Categories sheet – one for the first configuration and one for the second. Then I can toggle back and forth between the two configurations to see the version of the Budget that I want to see. Not as easy as your envisioned solution for the user to navigate, but the same result.

Thank you. How to you toggle between the two columns?

Name the column version you want to apply “Hide from Reports”. Tiller will use whichever column has that header on it, so you can move it back and forth between your different pre-configured columns.

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That’s a great solution, @Caroleen. I was thinking of copying and pasting the alternate configurations into the “Hide from Reports” column but your solution is more elegant.

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Yes it is @Caroleen. I had implemented @randy solution before I asked, but yours is faster and easier.

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