Cash flow forecast - post retirement income expenses

Hi, I’m hoping to have some help with how to use the cash flow forecast template to estimate income and expenses post retirement. I see the cash flow app takes current expenditures and continues to apply growth rates based on “cash flow” years.

Question: How can I adjust income and expenses post retirement years to then feed into the retirement planning template and starting using the withdrawal as income as well as enter a different expenses estimate.

Thank you.

Hi @nuye,

Did you have a chance to review the Community Builder’s workshop we did on this sheet? It might answer this question for you. Otherwise @jono might be able to offer a better answer as I’m not too familiar with this solution.

Hi @nuye,
You can certainly use the Cash Flow Forecast report to do what you are looking for.

In addition to watching the Builder’s Workshop, you might review the Documentation post here, if you haven’t already done so:

If there is a specific income or expense category you want to adjust in the future, you can create a Life Event with the same category name, and set the year it starts and ends and the different amount. If the income stream goes away, the amount would be 0. These life events can also have a growth rate in column I.

Any changes on the Cash Flow forecast will feed into the retirement sheet. The net cash flow will be treated as a positive or negative change in your retirement assets.

I’m not fully clear on what you are asking in the last part. But, if you want to make changes to your income or expenses based on this Cash Flow amount, you would likely need to make those changes manually as Life Events, which of course would then also affect your yearly cash flow, which would then affect the amount you wanted to change and it keeps cycling around. The sheet doesn’t allow for this type of recursion, which may or may not be what you are asking about.