Cash Flow Forecast: Use Income Before/After Taxes


Sorry for the additional question. Regarding the paycheck row, should I enter my annual income before or after taxes? I know the template uses my income after taxes from the Categories sheet.
Is there a video for this template that I can watch? I’ve watched videos for other templates.

Hi @ernstlevy1 ,
The sheet is designed to look at your Cash Flow. So I would recommend one of two options, depending on your personal preference. Both would work.

  1. Use your Net Paycheck after taxes and other deductions. This is the actual increase to your Cash Flow from your paycheck.

  2. Use your Gross Paycheck, before other deductions. But then you need to includes as expenses all the reductions to your gross paycheck. This way should come up with the same actual increase to your Cash Flow as the first method.

My personal preference is to use the 2nd method, as it lets you see clearly where all the money is going. But it may take more work to split the transaction on the Transactions sheet or add more entries on the Cash Flow sheet.

We don’t have any video for this template. But we might be doing a webinar on how to use this and the Retirement Planner sheet in the near future. No date is set yet. Keep an eye on the Tiller weekly newsletter and the community pages here for more info.


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Ok, noted.

Ernst Levy