Retirement Planner: withdrawal not picked up in cash flow

First want to say that the Retirement Planner combo with the Cash Flow Forecast is the single best retirement planner spreadsheet I’ve ever used on top of the best budgeting platform I’ve ever used.

One quick question: It’s possible I’m just completely missing something, but it seems to me that when the withdrawal kicks in, this amount isn’t being accounted for in the cash flow formula?

For example, if I’m projecting zero income from paychecks in retirement, the expectation would be that my 3.0% withdrawal amount would be used towards expenses from a cash flow perspective. It seems like my spreadsheet is deducting the withdrawal amount from my total investments but then not including this amount when calculating my cash flow. Is there any way to capture the withdrawal as “income” in the cash flow amount? Given that the number is right there it seems burdensome/inefficient to try to project this income as a line item on the Cash Flow Forecast tab.

:wave: @sethrwebster12 !

I’m not totally sure on how this template works, but I’m betting @jono can help :slight_smile:

P.S. are you planning to attend our first ever community builder workshop where we’ll be covering the Retirement Planner in depth?

Hi @sethrwebster12 ,
Thanks for the kind feedback on the Retirement Planner / Cash Flow Forecast combo sheets. :slight_smile:

I think I follow what you are saying. But the sheets were designed to the results from the Cash Flow Forecast flow one-way to the Retirement Planner sheet Cash Flow Forecast column.

Any actions you take on the Retirement Planner sheet won’t have any impact on that sheets Cash Flow Forecast column.

However, those cash flows will be included in the Net Gain/Loss yearly totals.

We tried to design the sheet so it was as flexible as possible and could work for many individual scenarios. But, I don’t think it can work the way you are suggesting.


Thanks to both for the replies.

@heather I have registered for the workshop! Looking forward to it.

@jono Appreciate the follow up! Not sure if feature requests are a thing :slight_smile: and no worries of course if not, but I’m wondering if you couldn’t just add a toggle to the Retirement Planner to the effect of “Use Withdrawals in Cash Flow” (with IF statement the Cash Flow Forecast column?) and if its selected it adds the withdrawal amount to whatever is coming in from the Cash Flow tab?

Hi @sethrwebster12 ,
We certainly take feature requests into consideration and act on them when we think they are worthwhile for the majority of the sheet users.

However, there is always a tradeoff on making a sheet too complex and building in lots of features vs making the sheet too complicated and harder to understand and start using. That can be a grey area with different customer knowledge levels. That said, we sometimes build toggles for customizations in the hidden section.

Regarding your idea about the toggle for “Use Withdrawals in Cash Flow”, you are welcome to add that customization on your own version. I’ll think about adding it to an update, but that Cash Flow column was solely designed to pull the data from the Cash Flow Forecast.

If it not pulling from the cash flow sheet, what formula do you want that column to have? I don’t think it should duplicate the Net Gain/Loss existing column. Perhaps you want it to be the Net Gain/Loss prior to Investment Adjustments?