How to input annual retirement contributions into retirement planner

Quick question on the Retirement Planner. Should I be using columns U thru Y to input my annual contributions to my retirement accounts or are the captured somewhere else already?

Hi @ameet.sampat ,
If you are using the Retirement Planner sheet without the Cash Flow Forecast sheet, any adjustments (other than the core growth rate) should be added in columns U thru Y.

If you are using the Cash Flow Forecast, those yearly cash flows will be included in the Retirement Planner in column N. If you consider your annual contributions to your retirement accounts as income or expense, those values would be part of your cash flow. I would likely consider those annual contributions as Transfers, since they don’t change your Net Worth. If they are considered transfers, they won’t show up in the Cash Flow.

If those annual contributions are added as Life Events on the Cash Flow sheet, they will also transfer over to the Retirement Planner.

Otherwise, you should manually add them as mentioned above.

I realize this might be a little confusing, but we tried to design this sheet to handle as many different scenarios as possible.


Makes sense. Thanks!