Cash flow Tracking over time

Hi all, apologies if this was already posted but I did not see anything previously. I newly transitioned over to Tiller from Mint. I was curious if anyone has a way to do a cash flow tracking visually similar to what mint does in this screenshot.

Appreciate any assistance that can be provided!

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This is a cool chart, I can’t think of anything that’s available currently, but a great idea for someone to build!

Once you’ve categorized your transactions in Tiller and they get classified as Income, Expense, or Transfer types, then you can create a pivot table that generates total monthly Income and Expenses (alternatively you could create this dataset with a Query function). Once you have the data prepared, you can easily reproduce this kind of graph. I primarily use Google Sheets and could share an example, but since you posted in the Excel area, maybe you are using that platform and I show a screenshot that it can also be done there. I thought it also might be interesting to show the cumulative income as the dashed gray line. The great thing about using Tiller is that you have the flexibility to organize the data however you want. Good luck!

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Tiller allows a lot of flexibility @KyleT as you show here. Nice charts!

Welcome @KyleT :wave:

If you’re open to it, would love to have you do a write up for how you created these charts over in the Show & Tell section. This is amazing! Show & Tell - Tiller Community

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Kyle! This is something I’ve tried to build myself and gave up after a few hours of hacking away at formulas. I clearly lack the expertise to do this in Google Sheets, it would be really appreciated if you could share a loom or template on how you accomplished this.

Thanks @heather, @ThinkEagle , I will put something together to share. I’ve been a Tiller user for a couple of years but am just recently getting more familiar with the community here, so I will see what I can do.

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That’s awesome! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

@KyleT Thanks for your comments! You certainly gave me some inspiration. I got the table and chart put together with pivot tables now. However, I am having issues getting the net income line across. I got the bars for income and expenses just fine… But I cannot seem to get the chart to include the grand total (which would be the net income).

The closest I could get is to add an additional values section and have it do a “running total in” the type (which specifies if it is an income or expense). However, when I do this, one of the lines represents net income and the other line seems to just represent expenses. And there seems to be no way to delete that data set (or ignoring it for the graph) without also deleting the net income line that I want.

I do also like the cumulative net income over the year that you have added but cannot figure out how to do that either. Any easy explanation there?

Not sure if the screenshot is enough to see how I have done it but any help would be appreciated! So close!

This is very cool! Thank you for showing both platforms.