Category Rollup - anyway to pick only certain categories?

Is there a way to pick or exclude categories from the category rollup? I actually really just want my hidden categories and don’t want to see my “normal” categories like groceries etc.

Thanks for the help?

Welcome to the community @mikedchristensen.

Unfortunately there’s not going to be an easy way to generate this report as you intend. It is hard coded by the Tiller team through the extension to generate this specific way.

A workaround that I thought may be feasible for you is to create a helper column right next to the original “Hide From Reports” column. Rename the original Hide From Reports something besides exactly that and make the new column exactly “Hide From Reports” just like the old one. (This arrayformula pasted in row 1 will accomplish this.) Then I made the following arrayformula to fill the column with the reverse of the original.

={“Hide From Reports”; ARRAYFORMULA(IF(F2:F=“Hide”, “”, “Hide”))}

You’ll need to adjust the data validation rules for the new column if created next to one that has existing rules in place such as my column F or “Hide From Reports”
Also, adjust F in the formula to reference the correct column for your original Hide From Reports column.

Then create the rollup report and exclude hidden, (since all of your hidden categories that you are trying to view are no longer hidden.)

Then to revert, you can leave the new column in place, you’ll then just need to change the column header of the original, back to “Hide From Reports” and change that part in the arrayformula to something different to retitle the helper column