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I just used your existing layout and added the chart below the original (using xls), hopefully you can see it in this screenshot:

Is there a way to pull a chart of the breakdown of Categories in Groups? The example I want to see the percentage of each category in my Discretionary Group.

I can’t tell what platform you’re using, @tdle85, but you can probably just use a FILTER() formula. In Sheets it would be something like: =filter(L12:M, P12:P="Discretionary")

@Randy … I have a somewhat unique situation wrt the Category Tracker.

Our bank accounts were hacked about 2 months ago. This required us to get new account numbers. So, for this year, we have two Account numbers for transactions hitting the same account.

The Category Tracker only allows one account in the “Account Filter.”

Is the best solution in this case to Search / Replace the old Account with the new Account in the Account column in Transactions for the current year? Previous years can still use the old AccountsAre there any downsides to this approach?

Thank you.

Exactly, @ScottC. For me, there isn’t a lot of value in keeping that old account number in its original form… it’s more useful as a continuation of the active account. So I would just setup a filter in sheets on the two account numbers then drag or copy/paste the active number over all the old instances of Account, Account #, and Account Id. The last is particularly important since that is how sheets like Balances identify unique accounts.

Personally, I wouldn’t even bother making a distinction for prior years.

On the right side, is there a way to filter transactions down by Group instead of just Category? You can filter the Pie Chart on that sheet by Category or Group, but the Transactions on the same page on the right side can only be filtered by Category it seems.

Where would you put this formula in order to view an updated Pie Chart with just Categories from a specific Group? Thank you!

Thank you Randy. This Category Tracker is of value to me. I appreciate the work that you put into creating it.

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Thanks for letting us know! Glad to hear you find this template helpful.