Change my Categories tab to 2022

Hi everyone,

Apologies if this is a duplicate!

I started using Tiller in 2021 and all of my budget columns in the Categories tab are for 2021 (e.g. Jan 2021, Feb 2021, etc.). How do I switch to setting a budget for 2022?



I think these are the steps you are looking for:

Set up your 12 additional months

  1. Open your Tiller Foundation Template
  2. Navigate to the Categories sheet
  3. Select column E and hold the shift key and then select column P. This assumes that column E is the first month you have set and P is the last month you have set.
  4. Right click and choose “Insert 12 right” to insert 12 blank columns to the right of the current budgeting year’s month columns.
  5. Use the quick fill square to pull and fill the contents of the month for the last year into the 12 blank column headers. This should create 12 new budget months. The budget months should be formula driven and look like this =eomonth(E1,0)+1 where E1 in the formula is the previous month’s cell.

You also might find other tips in the article I snatched this from :slight_smile:


@susandennis has the right idea.

Alternatively, if you don’t care to keep 2021, you can just type in to the “Jan 2021” cell the value “1/1/22”. The rest of the cells should update.