Category Budgets Changes in Future Months


I am currently using the tiller foundation template and the associated category sheet. The issue that is coming up for me is some of my categories are variable (money spent home necessities) while others are fixed ( phone bill). Every time I make an edit in the category sheet it edits all the subsequent columns. Is there a way to stop that from happening?

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Out of the box there are formulas in all the future months that carry over the same value as listed in the previous month. If you don’t want this behavior then you can simply clear out the formula which is just =G45 in cell H45 equalling the month prior.

Personally i leave it and as budgeted items fluctuate month to month. I’ll just change say November 2023 and December will then automatically update the same rather than having to type it in again. You can adjust whichever month as needed and then make the future change as needed when you’re budgeting.


thanks so much @bentyre1
This was very helpful!

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