Checking balance (for manual future transactions)

Hello. I am entering manual transactions into my checking account for checks that are scheduled to be delivered in the future. How to I see me checking balance to reflect these future checks.



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See this sentence…from the link below.

Tiller Balance

The Tiller balance is calculated based on the latest balance history entry for the account and also any uncleared/manual transactions you may have manually entered that are waiting to be reconciled. If your spreadsheet does not include any unreconciled manual transactions , the Tiller balance is not shown.



If you are using the Statements and Statement Details sheets, you can also see your running balance by account. I like looking here because I can see the running balance associated with a given date in the future.

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Thanks, Martha. Running balance is what I was looking for. I am not using those sheets so I will give it a shot.

Tiller Newbie here… how do you get your data to load into the Statements and Statement Details sheets?? I know I’m missing something. TIA!


You need to manually add the data to the Statements sheet. I think the Statement Details sheet flows from the Statements sheet.

As @heather said, you’ll need to enter key bank statements fields into the Statements sheet as new rows. The sheet will then create statement names that you can apply in the Transactions sheet (to transactions within that statement). From there, the Statements sheet will use formulas to ensure the totals match your bank statement.