Convert the "Categories" tab to a bi-weekly format?

Is it possible for me to convert the “Categories” tab from a monthly format to a bi-weekly format? That would work phenomenally well for my particular budgeting purposes and I can stop flipping back and forth between my Tiller sheet and my Excel budget.

Most other templates out there that rely on ‘Categories’ will assume it is monthly and will likely break. I think you’d need to create a new sheet that is bi-weekly, and then modify the templates you’d like to work that way to use the new bi-weekly categories.

Thanks @jpfieber - but I’m nowhere NEAR that good :rofl:


Yeah, I considered doing something like that, but that would be a stretch for me as well.

@jpfieber … I found your Budget Plan and am working on filling that in, but have a question. For things that are due every 2 years (or more - like driver’s licenses), If I put in the date it’s due, mark it annually for every TWO years, then I don’t need to disable the budgeted item because next year it will show up when I update the Cell M3 from “1/1/24” to “1/1/25” next year - correct?

Also, if I create a filter for row 3 and try to change the sorting order, say from A-Z for “Description,” then everything in the months column goes away except for what was initially the first row of data - and it changes to errors everywhere. Is that normal?

I think so. It’s been quite a while since I worked on that code, but that was the intent.

Sorting doesn’t really work in this template as it rearranges all the formulas, which are position dependent. There is a different ‘beta’ version here that makes sorting possible, though I think it was still tricky.

Actually, I restored the template (saving an archived copy) because I was getting a “#REF!” error and then pasted in my values from my first attempt and now the sorting based on your instructions works correctly with nothing getting messed up now (grabbing the specific range to sort versus sorting based on the column works). Thanks for your work on this!

Now, I just have to find a way for a little break-out area that says: “Here’s what’s due this paycheck” and give me a list of that and the associated amounts I have budgeted :grin:


At this time we don’t have a supported bi-weekly budgeting option and I don’t think there are community options available for that either. I recommend searching for and adding a feature request if it’s not already there.