Dashboard built with Power BI

Hey there!!

I’ve created a Power BI report using the Tiller Spreadsheet (Google Sheets) to get quick insights on my Net Worth, Balances, Expenses, Bill Payments, etc.,
Been using this for quite sometime now. And I can say it works like a charm and helps me analyze my spending pattern a bit better.


Thought of sharing it with the community and am happy to share this as a template if anyone is interested to use it.

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Hi @ppraju12 ,

That is a great looking dashboard. I’d be interested in the template if you would share it.



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Yes i would agree, this is awesome looking and would be interested in hearing more about this

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Interesting, @ppraju12. When you’re ready to share more, I’m sure many users are curious about the technologies used, the challenges you’ve faced, and the possibilities you foresee with this Power BI integration. Let us know…

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Yes please I am interested

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I guess converting the raw data in a format that we can use for reporting is the key to building these kind of dashboards.

Luckily, I have fair amount of experience in creating reports using Power BI. And with the well structured data that we already have with the Tiller templates, it makes it easy to build dashboards.

Obviously, these can be built even within Google Sheets itself, but the ability to cross-filter the data , slice & dice data and most importantly the AI capabilities to ask questions about the data… These are what makes Power BI more useful for understanding the data better.

Since some of the users are interested, I will setup a separate sheet for sharing along with all the custom tables that I had created and create a report based on that as template. Will share it along with the documentation in a couple of weeks perhaps.

If you need random data in the correct format to work with Tiller has created this resource.

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Thanks @bentyre1 for sharing the link to the readily available sample spreadsheet!!
Wasn’t aware of that…

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Good call out, not sure where it’s documented that it exists. @randy is the link to this resource in the builder’s guide or the builder program content?

For those who are interested in setting up this dashboard for yourself, please check out my post linked below.

@AHB , @bentyre1 , @jd965448 please try to set this up with the instructions mentioned in the linked post. Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions in the linked post.

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