Debt Snowball Template for Excel

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, but looking for a add-in for microsoft excel for debt payoff/debt snowball. I’m in the trail period and this is a must for me to use this product. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Welcome, @darren-woods! Unfortunately, we don’t have the Debt Planner ported to Excel yet… though… funny thing… we just started the process of finding some builders to help us port Sheets templates to Excel TONIGHT.

It will be at least three months until we have that template ported. Would you be willing to try using Sheets? (I was an Excel user until I found Tiller and now I like Sheets better.)


I’d also like the Debt Planner for Excel. I like having my spreadsheet on my local drive vs in the cloud when using Sheets

Ok, @kayla. Thanks for your input.

Hello, wondering how progress is going on porting the debt paydown sheet to Excel? Thanks