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Use this Monthly Analysis sheet with your Tiller Foundation Template to drill down and visualize your budget, actuals, or remaining organized by type, group, and category and get a comparative analysis of how your budget and spending have changed over time.

How to install the Monthly Analysis sheet

This sheet is meant to be used with the Foundation Template

  1. Install the Tiller Community Solutions add-on
  2. Open the add-on and choose "Analysis” from the tags dropdown on the Explore tab
  3. Click on Monthly Analysis
  4. Choose “Add to spreadsheet”
  5. Start gaining insights

How to use the Monthly Analysis sheet

Once you’ve categorized transactions you can immediately start gaining insights using this sheet. Use the controls at the top to customize your analysis

Date range
Choose a specific year or the last 12 months. Years available in the selector are based on dates of transactions in your Transactions sheet.

Cascading selectors

The selectors below the date range cascade as you make your selection to help you get more granular.

Values to show
Choose whether you want to see actuals, budget, or available values. Budget and available require that you have set budget values in the Categories sheet.

This selector controls the comparison chart that starts on row 11 and the yearly chart that starts on row 25. E.g. if you choose actuals, your comparison will be of month over month actuals and the yearly chart will only show actuals. This selector does not control the Budget vs Actual chart in the upper right.

Choose Income or Expense. This selector controls the comparison chart that starts on row 11 and the yearly chart that starts on row 25. E.g. if you choose income you’ll only see income month over month comparison comparison. This selector also controls the chart in the upper right.

All or Filter By
Choose whether you want to see all data from all categories or choose Category or Group to display a fourth selector that allows you to choose a specific Category or Group.

This selector controls the comparison chart that starts on row 11 and the chart in the upper right.

When you choose to filter by a group or category this option becomes available and allows you to select a specific category or group. This selector controls the comparison chart that starts on row 11 and the chart in the upper right.

Video demo

Randy and I did a Community Webinar session on this sheet. Watch a replay here:

Understanding the Monthly Analysis Dashboard


The selectors at the top of this dashboard allow you to control the way data is presented in other areas of the Dashboard.

Budget vs Actual Chart

Use the Budget vs Actual chart in the upper right to quickly visualize budget vs actuals across time for income or expense for all or specific categories or groups. This chart will always display budget vs actuals, but can be customized to review income or expense and further drill down by a specific category or group using the selectors.

For example, if you’d like to see your gas category charted out over the last 12 months you would choose a selector configuration as depicted below.

Comparison Chart

The comparison chart that starts on row 11 can help you quickly understand how your budget has changed compared to the previous month. Use the Values to Show, Type, and Filter selectors to customize the data that’s presented.

You’ll see a % change from the previous month as well as the $ value difference.

Yearly Analysis

Use the Yearly Analysis table that the bottom to see the entire year’s actuals, budget, or remaining amounts for all types, groups, and categories.

Adjust the Values to Show selector to pick the data you want presented in this table. The Values to Show selector is the only selector used to change the data set for the Yearly Analysis.

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Can I use this with other templates?

This Monthly Analysis sheet was specifically built for use with the Tiller Foundation Template so it cannot be used out of the box with other templates.

Why aren’t transfers included in the Type selector?

Generally transfers are ignored in most budgeting analysis tools because they typically net out to $0. If you feel having the transfer data available in this analysis sheet please add a feature request.

My data looks inaccurate, what should I do?

Reply to this topic and let us know and we’ll debug. We can push a fix and you can use the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to restore/update your existing copy.

Ask a question or get help

If you have a question or need help first search the community to see if someone has already asked and if not click here to quickly post a question about this template in the Get Help > Spreadsheet templates category.

Be sure to customize the title of your post with keywords about the issue or question so others can easily find the Q&A in search.


How can I look at both actual and budget for both.

I installed Tiller Labs Solutions, but I dont see anything buy a black background. No option to choose “Add a Solution”

Are you saying, @cdperez194, that the add-on stalls when you launch it on the welcome screen (which is dark blue)? Do you see any text? Usually, after a few seconds, the add-on moves from the welcome screen to a menu with options like Add a Solution.


I’m not sure I understand your question, @dkth06. Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to do? Thanks.

Hi Randy,

It just stays on the welcome screen. Mine is a black screen and says “Solution discovery & management tool for your Tiller Money-powered spreadsheets”

Generally, getting stuck on that screen means the add-on has crashed. It’s possible there is an incompatibility with your spreadsheet that the add-on is handling inelegantly. Or… I just checked the logs and it looks like the add-on might have been a daily quota issue on 2/14 (if that is the last time you tried). Could you try again and let me know if anything has changed today?


@randy I have the same issue right now too. It is just on one sheet though. Another sheet works fine. I get past the initial screen but cannot get by the screen the says accept and continue. Blake

So, I closed the side bar and tried the legacy splitter. The legacy splitter will not pull up but the side bar popped open so I went to the splitter tool there and clicked on it but nothing.

I just did a 11 way split on a paycheck using the legacy splitter in another one of my sheets and it worked fine. Why do things work fine in one sheet but I have problems in another sheet with the same issue? I have been experiencing lots of little instability issues like this recently. Might there be some other underlying cause? Blake

Thanks for letting me know, @blake. I’m having a hard time debugging the crash on the welcome screen since there isn’t anything suspicious in the add-on’s error logs. I’m not sure where to go with the debug.

I THINK you might be seeing a different bug though, @blake. I have seen an issue where a user duplicates a core sheet (e.g. Transactions, Categories, Balance History, etc) in their spreadsheet and the copy— which still contains the original metadata— confuses the add-on. Is there any chance you have a copy of a core/managed sheet in your spreadsheet?

I don’t think there are sinister underlying issues. The error logs look relatively good right now. There are some glitches and I’m working through many of them this week.


@randy No duplicate sheets. I have done splits using the legacy tool in this sheet within the last week but now neither tool works. Blake

We are trying to deprecate the “legacy” version in the Tiller add-on and move everyone over to the Tiller Labs version. It’s a newer and more robust build.

So you see the Tiller Labs or the privacy disclosure and every time you click Accept it just returns to the same screen, @blake?


When I hit accept it goes no further. Thus, I now cannot get into anything in Labs. Blake

Does it appear to reload the sidebar, @blake, and return to the same screen or does nothing happen?

nothing happens…

Is the click that does nothing on the Tiller Labs or the Privacy sidebar pane?
Also, is it a new, empty sheet or does it have personal data in it, @blake?

click is on the sidebar. sheet has data in it, it is not new. Blake

I mean you have to switch between actual and budget to see both numbers. It would be good to show both actual and budget on the same screen.

Good point, @dkth06. I don’t think we have one that renders the data exactly like that out of the box, but the magic of spreadsheets is how readily they can be remade to suit your needs. :wink:

@dkth06, you can see actual and budget on the same screen on the Monthly Budget and Yearly Budget dashboards. I think putting all that in this dashboard would be overly complex and really slow the sheet down.

@Blake and @cdperez194 try opening the sheet where the add-ons stalls in an incognito browser session and see if you can get it to load past the welcome screen. I have this issue sometimes when I’m signed in to multiple Google Accounts in the same browser session.

We recommend a dedicated Google Chrome browser profile for use with Tiller

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Switching to Incognito browser worked! Thanks