Monthly Analysis/Profit & Loss Report BY ACCOUNT

Is there any way to have a sheet similar to the Monthly Analysis or Live Profit & Loss Report template that is filtered by account? While categories are broken down, all such sheets aggregate all linked accounts into one.

It would be useful to filter by account, so we can compare inflows and outflows by category each month for each account.

Please let me know if any such template exists.

Hi @ksh24 - while I can’t say for sure if there’s something off the shelf that does exactly what you’re seeking, the good news is that where there’s a will there’s definitely a way for almost any kind of reporting that you want to do with your Tiller data. I’m sure some edits might be made to the two templates that you mentioned, but I’d point you to the post linked below where I made a recent response about how the type of thing you’re looking for could be done using a PnL Analyzer template that I shared with the community (link is also in that post). There are some instructions there about how you could take that report and make a couple modifications to filter it by a selection box. Some of the formulas are pretty long, but not too many changes are needed to transform it to allow an additional selection filter. Let me know how it goes if you try it out.

Another thing I should point out if you don’t care about your reporting being a “live” version, for example if you just want to run those reports at month end, you could check out Tiller’s in-built P&L Report function from the sidebar. Here’s a link with information to that and it does allow you to report BY ACCOUNT: