"Live" Profit and Loss Report?

Is there a template that generate a LIVE or dynamic Profit and Loss report?
Just realized that the report is static, and requires generating every time!

Would be cool to not have to find it in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on menu, then generate every single time. Also requires adding a totals column and formula every time you generate it! Would be helpful to have a Total column as part of template.

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I agree. Look at the bottom of the Monthly Analysis template. It is live. Also, you could build a pivot table. Blake


I would love a real-time profit and loss report as well.

Have you considered starting with a copy of a sheet like the Monthly Budget and then reworking the formula query ranges to be more dynamic? I think most of the heavy lifting— like actuals queries, finding source data locations, and category sort/layout— are modeled in that sheet.