Tiller Labs Roundup: 12/19/19 - Monthly Analysis template

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We recently published a new Monthly Analysis sheet that you can get using the Tiller Labs add-on.

Monthly Analysis template

We built this template based on a frequent request to our customer-success team. Per @krista, “We’ve been hearing from folks who wanted an easy way to view spending totals across their categories without building a pivot table. The new Monthly Analysis sheet gives you the power to view those actual spending values, budget values, or the difference between them with just a few clicks.”

One section of this new sheet shows Month-to-Month percentage and dollar changes for categories, groups, or total income or expenses. Another section provides a yearly chart of the Budget vs Actual amounts for your selection.

Finally, there’s a section at the bottom showing monthly actual, budget, or available amounts over the course of a year for each of your Categories and Groups.

Here’s a post that gives the details on how to add and use the new sheet.

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In cell b8/c8, i get an error that says input must fall within specified range.

Hi @Blake,
The B8/C8 value is determined by whether you select All, Group, or Category in B7.

If you select Group in B7, then B8 will give you the group options. But if you change B7 then to Categories, you might see the error you mention above. If you had selected a Group in B7, that Group may longer appear in the list of Categories (unless you have a Group and Category with the same name.)

When you get that error, check out what the options are in the dropdown.

I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on.

Using formulas, I don’t think there is a way to over-write a cell but also make that cell a user selected option.


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I see now. I was not clicking on the arrow but when I do it gives me the categories and then the error goes away when I select a category. Thanks, Blake

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