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  1. Transitioning from Mint to Tiller
    Includes step by step guide on moving your categorized data from Mint to Tiller for both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.
  2. Tiller Foundations Guide
    A self paced user manual for getting started with Tiller.
  3. Getting started with AutoCat
    Guide to using AutoCat in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to help you automatically categorize transactions.
  4. Using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on
    Guide to installing and using the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to go beyond budgeting in the Foundation template.
  5. Should I use Tiller for Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel
    Guide that details more of the differences between gSheets and MS Excel.
  6. How to manually import your bank data
    Guidance on how to manually import bank data if your institution is unsupported or you want to add more historical data.


Customizing the Transactions sheet

Keep your transaction data flowing

Getting started FAQs

More about subcategories

Splitting transactions into multiple categories

Visualizing your spending data with a pie chart using the Category Tracker

Visualizing your month over month spending with the Monthly Analysis sheet

Common Q&A questions

What processes are followed to ensure that Tiller Community Solutions Add-on are secure and free of malware, etc.?
The Tiller Community Solutions add-on was built by our team so anything added there gets reviewed before being added. Only templates are contributed by the community.

I’ve exported my Mint data as a csv file. It includes Notes. How do I setup my import file to add the transactions and populate the Notes field on the Tansactions sheet (google sheets)?
You can use the manual steps in the help article here rather than using the Import tool.

I strongly prefer Excel, but it seems excel is limited and less supported than google sheets. what is the plan, or is there or any, to further support Excel and add additional features (ie transaction splitting)
We are continuing to build out features for Excel to get it closer to parity with Google Sheets. We are currently working on the template insertion features for example.

Does the account name from the extracted data in Mint need to match exactly with the name in Tiller? e.g. “Discover Card” vs “Discover More Card”.
No, this should not matter.

Do we have to use the tool to import the mint data in, or can we just copy and paste it?
Yes you can use the manual steps in the help article here rather than using the Import tool.

Can you pull in the tags from the mint data?
Yes, but you need to use the manual steps in the help article here rather than using the Import tool.

Can I make a duplicate the Transactions tab before trying to update with Mint data? Can I then restore the original version if I run into problems?
Yes, you can also use the built in Version History features in Google Sheets (File menu) to restore to a prior version.

Why do new categories not populate for the full year
Usually this happens if you insert a row in the Categories sheet rather than using existing rows.

What is the recommended method for handling investment goals, automatic paycheck deductions (401k, HSA, etc)?
I’d recommend searching the community on this topic.

"I would love to see a graph of my grocery spending over time. How do I do this?
Check out the Monthly Analysis sheet.

I’d like to keep historic Mint categories that I no longer use, but remove them from my budgeting. How can I do that while still keeping them in the reports? I want to see reports and graphs of historic spending, but remove those categories from my current budgeting efforts
You could keep them in the Categories sheet but mark them as “hide from reports” but they won’t show on any reports. You could also just hide the rows on the Categories sheet.

on AutoCat, will it change old transactions too that you don’t want changed?
It will not if you’re using the default to run on Uncategorized Only under AutoCat Run Settings

**is it possible for budget amounts to rollover month to month? **
Not in the Foundation Template. Check out the Savings Budget.

Do monthly losses or positive balances carry forward to the next month?
See above question.

Where can you find community built add-ons to the foundation spreadsheet for Excel since the community add on is not available?
Check out the Show & Tell category for Microsoft Excel.

On the Spendign Trends tab, can u drill into the categorey to see the actual transaction that make up the total? i e- in ur example under Expense, and then the Auto categorey for $60 could u click on either the “Auto” categorey or the “$60” and see all of the transactions
There isn’t a way to do this, no. You can use the built in filtering and sorting features to drill down to the transactions for a specific category.

Can I set up separate sheets for different members of the family for accounts and transactions?
Yes, you can link up to 5 spreadsheets and mix and match accounts.

The most important feature to me that Mint has that I can’t find anywhere is that I can see all my credit card statement balances (and the date due) in one place. Is that something that exists in Tiller or something you’re working on?
We don’t have that currently, but I recommend searching in the Tiller Community to see if someone has built and shared something that will meet your needs.

for investments, how would reinvested dividends/cap gains be handled?
I’d recommend searching in the Tiller Community on this one, but it basically is up to you and how you set up your category structure.

How do I add historic balance history? I know that the default spreadsheet won’t show more than a year back, but I want the balance history so I can see a net worth over time graph since I started tracking my money
You can add Balance History records to the Balance History sheet. Just be sure to use the same Account ID assigned by Tiller.

Are retirment planning features available (for example, savings for long term care)?
We don’t have any that are supported by our team but there are some community supported templates. Docs: Retirement Planner Template

There’s a tab on the sheet called “Accounts,” but is that not where you link/add your accounts? Where do you link/add accounts again?
Check out this guide.

in the transaction sheet, can we add other columns for our own needs?
Yes, more on editing the Transactions sheet here

Have you all done a penetration test from a third party auditor? If so, what firm conducted the penetration test?

Can you exclude or segregate investment transactions from spending and income transactions
There isn’t a way to not have these transactions filled by Tiller if the account is linked to the spreadsheet, but you can categorize them in such a way so they don’t show up on your budget (as a Transfer type) or just hide them using the Hide from Reports column on the Categories sheet. You could also just link investment accounts to a separate spreadsheet from everyday spending.

Early on you showed us about pasting Mint categories into the Categories tab, in a way that doesn’t duplicate them (I think)? Can you quickly review that?
Guide here has those steps

The category reports appear to list categories alphabetically. Is there a way to change the order? E,g, Auto is not my biggest expense. What if I want to put Mortgage for example at the top?
There’s not a built in way to change the order. If you’re an advanced spreadsheet user you can modify the formulas to order it however you’d like.

I track finances for both myself and my 94 yr old mom. Can I link spreadsheets to specific accounts (maybe track my spending, but do so separately from Mom’s), or is this best handled by having 2 separate foundation templates?
I’d recommend two separate spreadsheets on that one.

I have two accounts with an institution; When they are pulled into Tiller one account mirrors the other instead of each account showing separate transactions. What do I do? (Used to work in Mint)
Recommend reaching out to our support team on this one.

Is there any way to export Mint’s net worth data so I can import it as balance history into Tiller?
I’m not sure how to export net worth data from Mint, but if that’s possible the import process would be similar to that of the manual workflow. There isn’t an automated way to import that into the Balance History.

I used split transaction feature in Mint, ie one receipt will have groceries & household supplies. Is that possible in Tiller?
Yes, you can split transactions in Google Sheets using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. More on that here.

Will TIller be able to get my Balance due from my credit cards?
We currently aren’t able to pull statement balances from credit cards.

Is there any concern that new transactions when refreshing will write over prior transactions?
New transactions are filled into the spreadsheet in new rows and should not overwrite prior transactions.

Is there a video training series specific for Excel users?
Check out this help article for transitioning from Mint to Tiller for Excel specifics.

Will changes made to the foundation template save? I wanted to add a tag column to the Transaction Page to generate reports (Pivots) based on transaction page.
In Google Sheets your changes are saved automatically. In Excel you need to save the workbook unless it’s stored on OneDrive with AutoSave enabled.

So will those [Tiller Community Solutions add-on] features you’re talking about going into the foundation, will those go into Microsoft Excel or just Sheets?
Yes, our intention is to build Excel to parity with Google Sheets, but it may take a while.

Is there a way to create budgets for previous years since my data goes back a bit?
You can add more months to the Categories sheet to include past years’ budgets. More in the guide here.

hi- can you make an autocat category based on dollar amount. Imagine a check I write weekly for 50.00 for the dog walker
Yes, you can use the Amount Min and Amount Max columns or add an Amount Equals column and use that as a filter criteria.

When you add an account that you previously added transactions manually (eg. apple credit card.) does it create duplicates?
Yes, there would be duplicates if Tiller is able to automate the card later.

Is there a way to easily “fish” for cells with errors?
No there is not an easy way to do this.

What will happen to your budget after 1 year with Tiller? For example, if I start in Jan 2024 and go until Dec. 24, what happens when Jan, 2025?
Check out our guide here

for categories, what happens when you have two different categorised of purchases from one vendor, such as for self and for gifts? If you change the category on one transaction does it change them for all for that vendor?
No it wouldn’t change them for all vendors if you just change the one transaction’s category.

How woud you reccomended entering as income, if a person is retired and the income is the result of pulling $ from a checking acct that was funded from investable assets?
You can create a category for your income as needed.

If all the data is imported from Mint, does tiller recognize that the data is already there being in the transaction sheet when it checks each account linked?
No, there is no duplicate recognition for manually added/imported transactions.

I like to audit my transactions. If I add an “audit” column to the default Transactions sheet will it break anything?
No, it won’t break anything.

So your net worth doesn’t include your real estate?
You’d want to add your real estate assets manually to have those reflected in your net worth.

If I have historical data from accounts in Mint that no longer exist, will they be able to import into Tiller? How can I add them manually?
If it’s in Mint you can import it into TIller with the workflows demonstrated.

I missed how you filled in the Groups automatically? How did you do that?
This was just a quick copy/paste from a separate sheet I had prepared to make the demo go faster.

Auto Category Rules often don’t fire (Using Excel)…can descriptions have more than one term for Description Contains?
Check out the info about multi-criteria rules and if you’re still having problems, reach out to our support team.

Can Budgets be saved YOY? Would like to be able to run Spending/Budget reports YOY…is that just a matter of historical searching/filtering?
Sure if you have multiple years of budgets in your sheet. There are some community-supported comparison solutions.

In Excel, when you import from Mint, how can you auto fill Month and Week columns? What are they even used for?
These columns aren’t used by anything default in the Foundation Template but may be used by some community solutions or you can use them in your own custom workflows.
How to add Month data
How to add week data

What are Pros And Cons of Tiller vs Monarch Money?
Because Tiller is spreadsheet based, and not an app, you’re not boxed in to doing it our way. Its your money, your way. You’ll always have access to your data in your own private spreadsheets.
We also have a super helpful responsive US based support team.
We’re not going anywhere :wink:

Several accounts won’t refresh after being set up. Assuming if accounts were set up initially, they’re supported by Tiller. Any idea how to get refresh to work better?
If an account is not working well, we recommend reaching out to our support team. Usually we have to work with our data provider to address this type of issue.

is there a way to add a comment to remind me of what the transaction description was for?
Sure you can add a Note column to the Transactions sheet.

What happens to performance as many years of data are accumulated? should we have archives (copies) of old data?
We do recommend only having maybe 5 years of data. https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/432698-accessing-tiller-google-sheets-on-your-google-drive#shared-with-me

How do I exclude individual transactions from reports. I don’t see any Transaction Tab fields for “exlude,” nor anthing on the “Monthly Analysis” tab you/we downloaded to filter out any categories (or TAGS). Presumably most people have one-off expenses that they don’t want included in TRENDS
There isn’t a way to exclude specific transactions but you can mark a category as “hide” in the “hide from reports” column in the Categories sheet and that will exclude transactions with that category from reports.

is ‘description contains’ case-sensitive?
No, it’s not case sensitive.

is there a guide on how to start a new sheet when the old sheet is too large?
You can just create a new sheet on the Console or create an archive. https://help.tillerhq.com/en/articles/432698-accessing-tiller-google-sheets-on-your-google-drive#shared-with-me