Drop Down Box Larger?

Is there a way to make the categories drop down box larger? the box is just way too small to make this template usable for long haul. the issue is that it is too difficult to see the categories and to have to scroll so precisely within the drop down box boarders.

Not at my computer to test but can’t you just increase the font size and drag the cell to be longer

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Thanks for answering Rich - no, the size of window doesn’t change even if increase the font size. the window is restrictive.

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Yep, I just confirmed the same this morning.

It looks like there is a programmatic way to make the text n the drop down bigger, but not sure if that will make the box bigger.

As an alternative, Instead of typing, I usually use the keyboard to narrow down my selections.

I tried making the Category column itself wider in both Excel and Google Sheets and it did make the drop-down box wider for both as well but the font size within the box stayed small.

Are you using Excel or Google sheets? And what device are you using? Laptop, desktop, etc…?

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