Easy way to compare your Tiller account balance with the current online bank balances

Hello all.
i have made a very easy worksheet for the purpose of comparing my workbook balance to current online balance as noted in the financial institution (bank or credit card etc…)

1: open a new worksheet and name it “online_balance”
2: for the headers - in cell A1 copy paste the lines below:
Unique Account Identifier Account Accnt # Online Balance Last online Update Institution Type My Balance
3: in cell A2 copy paste the formula :
(replace 31 with the number of accounts you have)
4: in Cell I2 type the following formula:

now you can compare your OWN offline (tiller) balance (named “My Balance”) with the bank online balance. the CURRENT bank (or CC) balance will be under the “online balance” column. if you reconciled the accounts it should match your CURRENT bank balance.
let me know your thoughts

Always great to see others sharing ideas! This might fit better in the ‘Show and Tell’ section since you’re showing an option others might be able to make use of. I had a similar desire, here’s what I came up with: Account Register.

that is exactly what i was looking for. i came from Quicken and that is how i used to see things over there. i did hope there is an account Register or an account ledger and your format is exactly that

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Glad you like @jpfieber’s template, @michaelo. He is the man with all the solutions.