Emulate YNAB? It shows it, but how?

Hello I am not looking to migrate data, but rather get the budget system in this image that matches a YNAB like system.


the foundation template seems to not have this layout and functionality as this image suggests.

Any help getting this like YNAB would be sooooo helpful!

That functionality is in the Tiller Budget. I think of it like a fork of the foundation. I’m just getting my head wrapped around this tool. I liked some of the functions in the Foundation template but had to have the Tiller Budget for zero based budgeting. I added the additional add-on items, deleted the conflicting sheets from the Foundation workbook and used the add-on functions to insert the Tiller Budget. The Tiller Budget workbook still uses the transaction sheet but you need the correct categories, monthly budget and budget histories. I surely could have built up from the Tiller Budget workbook but decided to experiment and see what could be done. Basically, once I deleted the unneeded stuff from the Foundation and ran from the add-on section Tiller, Budget, Create Budget I had what I needed. The help pages and YouTube videos really did help. All in all I got everything where I need it over the past week. I’m no expert but feel I’m functional to the point I will not be continuing my mVelopes subscription. I dabbled with YNAB in the past but while I work my budget during the month I use these tools to work a yearly and longer plan.

Thanks for this, where might I find the “Tiller Budget workbook”

And i am still a bit confused how you do envelope style workbook? The image shows something like this, but I wonder where that template is?

Again thanks for the reply

Here is a link to the Tiller Budget Template

Hi @snaildragon,

The screenshot you’ve shared is from a very old version of a budget template that we no longer offer so the Tiller Budget via the Tiller add-on for envelope budgeting won’t look like that either, but it does have zero sum/envelope budgeting capabilities and the Foundation template does not.

Apologies for the untimely response. I see that Warren and Heather have replied below.