Entering a manual item for the Target Credit Card

Since the Target Credit card has not been supported with an automatic feed for over a year now, I would like to manually enter the card transactions I have.

The problem is I cannot figure out how to enter the Target Credit card as a new account. When I go to enter the manual transaction entry screen, I get a list of accounts, but no ability to add a new one. And the Target credit card account is not there.

I unhid the Accounts tab in my Tiller sheet, but it has only one account listed, and strangely it is not an account that shows up in the accounts list when I try to enter a manual transaction. So I have no idea where this list of accounts is stored.

If I can figure out how to add the Target credit card as an account, I think I am fine.

FYI, I did also look at loading the transactions via a CSV file, but the instructions were quite complex, and I have only 34 transactions to enter for 2021, so I think the manual entry process will be less error prone. Plus, I was not sure how it would handle an account that did not exist.

One more question: Do I need to manually enter payments for the Target credit card as well to avoid the balance growing continuously? We always pay off the card balance very month, but don’t know how this works when all entries need to be entered manually.

One final question: Is there any hope of getting the Target credit card feed working again?

Thank you!

Hi @finances,

In order to add manual transactions, you will first need to set up a manual account for your Target credit card. You can follow the steps outlined in the help topic below to set up and begin recording manual transactions.

Tracking balances for manual accounts

To answer your question regarding manually entering payments, yes, you should include those as well. Any credit or debit to your Target credit card account should be entered to keep it accurate. I recommend categorizing the payment credit on the Target account as well as the payment debit from your bank account as Transfers rather than Income and Expense to avoid double budgeting issues.

Thanks very much! I have this working now.

Appreciate your help.

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Anyone heard anything about when/if the Target Credit Card will be re-added to Tiller? It’s not like it is some unpopular credit card. Seems like a LARGE hole in the support for Tiller!

I might be wrong, but I don’t believe this is something under Tiller’s control, but their data provider, Yodlee’s.