Envelope Budgeting In Excel with Tiller and Visual Basic


As mentioned in a previous post (My Solution Before I Found Tiller - #4 by rdugas62), now cleaned up and available for community use.

This spreadsheet implements a virtual “envelope budget” with rollover, which means that your monthly budget and expenses are categorized into virtual envelopes, and each month the funds remaining in each envelope will roll over into the next month. It is designed to work with the Tiller Money Feeds plugin that facilitates connection to your financial institutions for automatic download of expense transactions. It also allows for manual entry of transactions (e.g. cash spending), and for category “adjustments”, which means moving money from one envelope category to another.

To facilitate categorization of Tiller and manual transactions, this spreadsheet provides a user interface implemented in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

I’ll include some screen shots below, but please see the “Documentation” tab inside the spreadsheet for a full description.



Free for anyone to use. Please report bugs and feature requests, though I make to promises to fix on any specific timeline.

Screen Shots


@tophermiller, thanks for putting this together. It’s impressive in its scope and you’ve done a great job documenting the functionality in the workbook’s first worksheet (even going so far as to help with “year-end procedures”).

You alerted users to script authorization. I imagine the script warnings/protections vary somewhat by platform. On my Mac, I did not see the yellow “security warning”… I’m not sure how the scripts were approved. I never saw a warning but they ran just the same.

You did a nice job integrating with the Tiller bank feeds in the Transactions and Balance History worksheets.

It looks like you built a lot of extra functionality into your Budget sheet which seems to serve a similar function to Tiller’s Categories sheet. I’d prefer to see your solution leverage the Categories-sheet convention that many users are familiar with… but I know that isn’t always possible when fleshing out complex, new workflows.

I think it is great to share solutions in this forum that break new ground beyond the conventions of our templates. Please continue to share new concepts like this.

For clarity though, for consideration for Builder Rewards Program prizes, solutions need to be “fully compatible with Tiller’s worksheet & column conventions” and also “should not use scripts”.

Again, I’m not discouraging sharing ambitious solutions like this that break new ground. I add this just to provide clarity on how our Rewards program functions.

Keep the good stuff coming!

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