Envelope Sheet with Funding Template version 1.7

Thanks JIm, I appreciate you letting me know that you like it.

I actually have a Time to Target calculation that I could easily add today. I think it is exactly what you are doing here. image

I have a few other insights I am working on as well (% of budget, avg spend for month,) but am interested if your opinon on what you would like to see. Any recomendation on features or capabilities would be appreciated.


Hi Rich,
I would love to play around with a “time to target” option. As for any features to this option, what I would love to see is to be able to choose the month it is due (and have the option of a 12 month or 24 month period) and how much I need to put away per month to get to that. You can see in the last post, that I like to have the money available the month before it is due.