Envelope Sheet with Funding Template version 1.7

All, I have updated my Envelopes Sheet to version 1.7.

This version has a few more featureas and capabilites, including the ability to fund Envelopes in future months, additional views for Savings Targets and more. I have also updated the envelope tracker sheet. lastly, I have updated the Getting Started Doc to get you started, highlight all of the new features as well as a change log to see what has changed.

let me know your thoughts. - Rich

All, here is a link that will allow you to copy the whole Envelope sheet to your Google Drive.


Hi there! I’m excited to use this. I did try to copy into my spreadsheet but it wouldn’t give me that option. I clicked on Make a Copy but it will only let me download it into my google sheets. I’m supposed to copy this envelope sheet(s) into my existing Tiller Foundation spreadsheet right? The instructions don’t really spell that out well. But again I don’t have an option to copy into a spreadsheet, only into a folder on Gdrive.

Once you open the templae you should be able to just click on the specific tab you want to copy and click Copy To than click existing sheet. Find your tiller sheet and copy to there. Be sure to copy both the envelope and the funding transactions sheets. You will also need to add a fe columns to your categories sheet.


Ok thank you! I didn’t know I had to open it up and choose it from the tabs. Thanks

Hi Rich. I just sent you a request to open your sheet to edit. Now I found this which seems perfect. Thanks for sharing. Henry

Glad you got access. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi richl,
Just wanted to let you know how much I like your Envelope Sheet Template. It’s perfect for me. I’ve added a lot of specialized-to-me functionality to it, especially modifying it to handle credit cards and tracking long term savings for yearly bills. (I didn’t make any changes to the Envelope spreadsheet. It’s all additional sheets using data from the Envelopes sheet).
I do have a question, though. I’d like to reduce the size of the Funding Transactions sheet. (delete a lot of old records). Can you tell me how this best might be done? Thanks!

Hey JIm, I am glad you like the current envelopes sheet. The way the current sheet is built, it needs all funding transactions and actual transactions to determine the envelope balance. But it is something I am looking to solve in an upcoming release. That being said, I can’t imagine you would have a ton of funding transactions. Are you seeing performance impact?

On a side note, I am working on version 2.0 of the envelope sheet that has a bunch of new capabilities and options. Take a look at the screenshot. I am testing it right now and hope to release in the next few weeks. Unfortunately, archiving transactions isn’t on this release, but it will be.


I’m new to using Tiller. I setup the foundation sheet with my custom categories and groups and transactions has been categorized. I copied the envelope and funding transaction sheets to my tiller foundation sheet using “copy to an existing sheet”. I’m having some trouble with this. I’m trying to budget for this month (July).

  1. The script is not present when I go to tools – script editor
  2. When I manually create an Initial balance in the transaction sheet, the envelop sheet doesn’t reflect it. I get the message “All transactions have been categorized this period”.

Hi Rich,
Sorry I took so long to reply! It’s been a busy summer in spite of the pandemic. I only have around 700 funding transactions, and it’s not impacting anything. Since the actual transactions and funding transactions are tied together, it would be a challenging task to archive the funding transactions without archiving the real transactions! I can’t wait to see how you do it. It’s way too complicated for me at this point. I like your new beta updates to the envelope sheet - especially the previous month activity. That would be useful to me.

This looks great! Very excited for this! :smile: