Filter Categories for Profit Loss Report?

Is there a way to filter the categories pulled for the Profit Loss Report? My business expenses aren’t all neatly in specific Accounts.

@turnepf I’ve solved for this in several different ways. What are you hoping to see as the end result? One option is to have a few different configurations of the “Hide” column so you can toggle between several views. Maybe one version is business and personal all together, and another is business only, and/or personal only. I have also used Tags for this purpose, by assigning all Transactions in the Business Category to also have a Business Tag, so then you can use the Tags Report to get a report on your business expenses, while also simultaneously hiding those categories so they don’t appear in your personal budgets.

I have certain categories (and tags) that are business related. Not all of my business expenses go through my business accounts unfortunately.

I really like the P&L report because, well, it’s a true P&L report. Which report do you think most closely serves this purpose?

Hi @turnepf - If you want something fully customizable that will allow you to individually pick which Categories appear in a P&L report, I’ve developed a solution that can achieve that which I describe in a blog post here: I will say upfront it is a paid template to compensate the significant development effort, but it offers a pretty sizable upgrade to the free community template that I had previously posted here. I’m happy to offer personal support in case of any questions, and based on some initial feedback, I am also working on further enhancements which I expect to pass to existing users once they are ready. Feel free to reach out if any questions.