Profit and Loss Report Not Generating Income Categories

Hello, when I run the P&L sheet from Tiller solutions, for some reason my income transactions do not reflect on report (as well as other accurate data), and I’ve tried running several times. Top shows uncategorized instead of showing the income categories I created. Not sure what to do here

That’s odd, @soldbychantelh. Are you saying the values from your income transactions are showing in the UNCATEGORIZED section (i.e. anonymously) or that they are not shown at all?

Would you be willing to share a screenshot of your Categories sheet? Most likely, there is something unusual going on there. If it contains personal information, you can private message me.

I decided to send photo by message! I have a screenshot of my transactions that I can send via private message if it’s also helpful.

Besides my net check that was syndicating in, I used saved split feature to add the expenses as deductions under income groups (which I still haven’t figured out properly). don’t know if that has anything to do with it though, seeing as how my original transaction that’s categorized as income aren’t even showing up.

So far I have only tried categorizing one income work check in because I wanted to make sure my added manual deductions I created would also reflect, and that I had that system down before working on the other months. But the amount for December isn’t even reflecting accurate income nor the deductions I saved under income groups.

Wait, I think I know the problem. The check was deposited and hit my acct jan 3 of this year. Going to try to move it to Dec when transaction actually closed.

If that fixes the issue, what should I be doing so that I don’t see the income items as ‘uncategorized.’?

I think you managed to get the income type reporting on the P&L report, right, @soldbychantelh?

And relaying some information from a DM…
The P&L workflow generates a new sheet with mostly-static monthly data with some internal formulas to aggregate the totals. If you don’t want things like Transfers or Uncategorized data showing up on the report, I’d recommend running the report and then massaging the output (prior to export) to meet your needs. Just delete or hide unwanted rows and columns. Then, export or share.