Category pulldown tabs don't show Income even though I have it listed as a category on the category sheet

I have added a Category for Income on my Category Sheet Tab, however, on the transaction page, the Income Category does not show up. All of the expenses I put in do. So now I have a bunch of “Uncategorized” transactions. The same is true of any Interest Dividends that are paid . No option on the pull down menu on the transaction page.

Keep in mind, I’m a novice and have no idea what I’m doing.

The list of “Categories” you get on the Transaction page is the “Data Validation” tool looking at list items in column A on your Categories sheet. Sometimes when I’ve added things to the end of the list, the list doesn’t expand to include them, so Data Validation doesn’t see them. If the missing items are at the end of the list, you might try deleting them, and instead insert them into the middle of the list (you can always re-sort after that). Usually Data Validation will see the list has expanded and will use the correct range then.

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Amazing. These were actually entered at the top of the list, but by deleting and moving to the middle it worked! Brilliant! Thank you. Hopefully this will help with the P & L Report. I keep running it and under UnCategorized I get a crazy number with lots of decimals. You’re the best.

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