Custom income/expense category not showing in Spending Trends

Hi, I created 4-5 custom income/expense categories but I cant get them to show up on the stock “Spending Trends” tab. Any ideas? I checked a few posts and didnt see anyone else with the same issue.

I am also looking to be able to use the Trends tab a little differently. Im a real estate investor with rental properties and would like to have one Trends tab for SHORT TERM INCOME and SHORT TERM EXPENSES and then one for LONG TERM INCOME and LONG TERM EXPENSES. Is that possible?

Thanks so much!

Did you use a “type” other than Income, Expense, or Transfer for those custom categories?

For your second part, you won’t be able to have those all separated. But you could just have groups titled: Long Term Expenses, Short Term Income, etc. then under the Income and Expense sections you’ll see those amounts divvied up per the groups they are assigned.

For the first question, youre right…I did try to add an extra category other that Income/Expense. Going back to those two fixed it!

For something like the Profit and Loss Statement, is there a way to have a separate one for Long Term Expense/Income and one for Short Term Expense/Income instead f grouping it all together?

Thank you for the help!

No, not unless you have a second spreadsheet entirely where you feed in and track these transactions completely separate.