Bill Categories not showing up in Transaction drop down menu

Hello, recently started using Tiller. I have noticed an issue where Categories I create as a part of the Bills group do not show up in Transaction drop down menu.

However I downloaded the category tracker and I can see the categories I created there.

So I am not quite sure why it is not showing up. I did go through the troubleshooting steps here in the troubleshooting article but it did not seem to resolve the issue

I recall when I first started I created new categories at the end of the list, and they didn’t get included in the drop-down, but if I created them in the middle of the list, they would. Something with how the data validation range is defined, and if you create them at the end the range doesn’t get expanded, but in the middle it does.

Hi @Parmemnon. Welcome to the community.

As @jpfieber points out, this can be a common issue. Here is a link to a note in the Community that may help.