Hidden categories not showing in manual transaction flow

I just noticed this issue with the new manual transaction interface. When I try to add new transactions, any category marked as “hide” in the categories sheet does not show in the drop down selection. However, it does show up in the drop down in the transactions sheet so this is not a blocker, just mildly annoying.

Use case:
Extensions → Tiller Money Feeds → Launch → Add Transaction

Any category item marked as “hide” in the categories sheet does not appear in the category drop down (even after manually refreshing).

Re-read what I posted here. Let me clarify. The hidden categories I am referring to are the categories marked as “Hide” in the “Hide from Reports” column in the Categories tab.

I am not talking about hiding rows or columns in Google Sheets.

This is a known behavior (wouldn’t quite call it an issue) but see this other thread.

Yep, my post is a dupe of that one. Thank you @bentyre1

You’re welcome!

No problem!

I noticed this issue last week also and chatted with support about it. I have a use case where I record manual transactions to hidden accounts. It’s an easy enough work around for me however to just record the transaction on the Transactions tab or pick a category that isn’t hidden and then reclassify on the Transactions sheet later on.