Mechanics of using 'hide' or 'transfer' -- from what reports are these transactions now hidden?

Hello Tiller Community,

I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere, I didn’t explicitly find an answer when I was searching! For context I’m using the Foundations Template w/ Excel.

When one sets a category to “hide” in the categories sheet, can you explain from where the assigned transaction would be hidden? And where will it still be shown?

I have the same question for categorizing a transaction as “transfer”, from what sheets or reports is it hidden or shown?

I’m hoping the answer will help me understand more clearly how the Spending Trends Sheet, Balances Sheet, Tag Report, etc compile their information.

Thank you kindly!

Hi @MarcJD hidden categories/accounts should be hidden from any visualization sheets.

Your Transactions and Balance History sheets are core sheets where the data pulls into, so nothing will be hidden from those.

Your Categories sheet doesn’t have any account data on it to display so the hidden category will still be there after you mark it as hidden.

But any other sheet that displays your data should hide what you’ve marked to hide, like these: There are countless Community templates so I won’t be able to list them all, Spending Trends sheet, Balances sheet.

I believe the Tags Report will still tally your category amounts even if something is marked as hidden, I just tested this in my sheet and there was no change in the Tags Report when I marked a category hidden or not.