After tiller refresh there are no transaction categories


I don’t now if it is only with my, but today, after tiller refresh in googlesheet, when Im adding a manual transaction, the categories defined as transfer are not appearing as an option.
It only appears, if you remove the option hide from reports.
So from now on, the transfers will appear in budget reports.

Do you have the same problem?

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Hi when you said manual entry you mean on the “transactions” tab correct? and when you say hide from reports is this on the “categories” tab? But before that is is filtered out on the transactions tab?


Manual transaction added in transaction tab. If the category is the the option hide from report in categories tab, it will not appear as an option when choosing the category in the manual transaction.

Before the refresh, my categories were with the hide option on, and I was able to select it when adding a new manual transaction.

Do you know if you have marked it as hidden in another tab, because I have the same selection in the category tab and it’s still showing up for me in the transactions tab.
and based on this thread the previous view was the intended Mechanics of using 'hide' or 'transfer' -- from what reports are these transactions now hidden?



As you see, as soon as I put the Hide flag, the transfer category is not available anymore.

Thanks @ricardosmenezes this is due to the recent changes to Tiller Money Feeds. We have a change request in to revert back to the previous behavior where it shows even those marked as hide.

Do you know when will it be available?

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Hopefully in the next few days :slight_smile: but no promises.

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