What do I do after adding categories to the Categories sheet?

Addon sheets does not appear in right upper corner so I can continue?

You’ll need to provide more details. Are you saying you don’t see the ‘Add-ons’ menu?

Are you using the Foundation Template, @marcusschaefer42? Can you see and open the Tiller Money Feeds add-on? Were you able to load your initial transactions & balances?

If you can open the add-on, I recommend clicking on “Learn & Explore” and then “Take a Tour”.

I appreciate your interest. My current problem is Tiller is unable to update my South State Bank information. After (Tiller instructions) to go to Add-ons > Tiller Money Feeds>Launch, an error message “Tiller Money Feeds X” in the brown colored side bar with a bent piece of paper is seen ? in right sidebar. I have done loaded up to 6-14 but have been shut out since. Bank states it is not on their end. Could tis be related to an error message that “all 5 Sheets are connected disconnect some”?

I have opened Tiller Money Feeds and can move about the sheets fairly well. My problem now is updating tractions. My program updates up to 6-14-21 but will not transfer information from my South State Bank checking account. Wheb trying to update I receive error message. After going as directed Tiller Addons>Tiller Money Fees> Launch The right side bar Staes Tiller Money Transfer X.
My second problem in a different sheet is The spread sheet is not linked to your Till Money because you have in use all 5-spread sheet? Disconnect some links to allow link. I don’t how?
Tiller has indicated that the extra links is to sheets to earlier set up repeated links to sheets in the Google Drive file? How do I get there to disconnect extra links? Thank you for [
prior help I hope you can help me with these 2 problems. You have been a life saver in the past, I hope , you have been very helpful in the past I look forward to your response
Marcus the rookie

Go to Tiller Money (tillerhq.com), which will not only list all of your accounts, but at the top will list all the sheets you are linked to. Sounds like you’re linked to too many, so you should expand the sheets you aren’t using, and click on ‘Unlink this sheet’.

Where/how do I open Tiller Money (tillerhq.com) ?

Use this link to sign into your account and manage your linked institutions, @marcusschaefer42.

Hi @marcusschaefer42,

I followed up with you via the open support chat we have to get you all set with using Tiller. We’ll continue the conversation there and close this thread out.