Cannot Use Tiller Money Feeds Addon?

Normally I go to
Click Open Sheet
Go to Add-Ons => Tiller Money Feeds => Launch

Sometimes now it seems Add-ons is disabled in Google Sheet (grey - can’t click), and sometimes it’s active. But even when there and I launch, it just says “Working” at the bottom and I never get the Tiller sidebar.

This is making it impossible to update my sheets. Is there anything I can try or just wait it out?

Ugh, I looked and the Add-Ons gets disabled like that when Google thinks you are offline even if you are not, which is my case. I disabled a Google Docs Offline extension and everything came back normal. No idea why Google thought I was offline!

@andrewteg I’m glad you got this figured out. We usually find that this happens when individuals are offline, or signed in to other Google Accounts in their browser? Trying an incognito browser session or a dedicated Google Chrome profile usually does the trick.