Sidebar Not Loading/Sheets Not Filling

When I go to launch the sidebar, it doesn’t load but instead has two buttons, either “Go Back (Recommended” or “Advanced…” Neither one of them works when clicked.

I tried just hitting “fill sheets” but that doesn’t work either.

This has been happening for over a week and I’m not able to update any of my transactions.

Thank you for help on this.

Generally, this sidebar error is related to being logged into multiple Google accounts within a single browser session and the default account not being the one you use for Tiller.

First, try again with your sheet open in an incognito browser session.

If that works, we recommend creating a dedicated browser profile for use with your Tiller-subscribed Google Account or set your Tiller-subscribed account as the default.

Read more on these options in the guide below.

Thank you. That solved it. Much appreciated.