Simple Business & Reconciling w/ Tiller Money Feed Add-on

I have just upgraded (within the last 2-weeks) from Feedbot to Tiller Money Add-on. After the update, I also added Tiller Labs, but it does not support Simple Business at this time. So, I then used the Tiller add-on to get Simple Business started on the new Google Sheet but now the Tiller Money Add-on will not update my transactions or balances. I think there is an issue with having both of the add-ons (Tiller & Tiller Money) in the same sheet. Is there a way to use Simple Business (mainly the reconciling feature) with Tiller Money Feed? Thanks.

Interesting find, @jscase. Our plan is to port the Simple Business functionality from the eponymous Tiller add-on to the Tiller Labs add-on, but realistically it might be a few months before that migration is complete.

Though it is absolutely possible there is an incompatibility, we are not aware of one between the Tiller Money Feeds and Tiller add-ons. Can you share more information about how the Tiller Money Feeds failure manifests?


Hi @jscase,

Can you let me know a bit more about what happens when you try to update your sheet using the TMF add-on?

We’ve tested pretty thoroughly and there shouldn’t be any issues running both so I think it’s something else unrelated.


I have downloaded a new Tiller Foundation Template and installed the Simple Business & TMF and it seems to be working with the first initial download. I will go back into each one tomorrow to see if it downloads the next set of transactions. If so, I’ll restart my spreadsheet from the Foundation sheet and go from there. It may be just my transactions sheet because it is pulling the balance history from the accounts. I have attached a screenshot of my columns, if you wouldn’t mind double-checking to make sure I have all the required columns and that they are named correctly. I appreciate your help.

I don’t understand this

The columns you have in the Transactions sheet look fine to me. Here is our guide on columns that can be automated by the Feeds and some that are added by other add-ons/tools.