Issue with manual transaction entry process on new sidebar - missing categories

@randy @heather: Could we please get hidden categories showing up when creating manual transactions with the new sidebar button?

Until recently, I have been opening the add manual transactions form via the old method of going to Extensions > Tiller Money Feeds > Tools > Manual Transaction. This has recently gone away in lieu of the new sidebar extension which has a button to take you to the form instead.

The issue I’m having is that this new form does not allow you to set a category that is marked as hidden on the Categories sheet. Hidden categories are not generated in the drop-down list to choose from. The old form allowed you to select hidden categories, which makes sense (see my common use case below). Even the new Split Transaction form on the same sidebar allows hidden categories to be selected.

My need for this functionality

I have two transfer categories, Transfer In and Transfer Out, which I use to mark any transfers made between accounts. I also have manual accounts that are setup in Tiller, but are not updated by Tiller. When I transfer money from an account that is updated by Tiller to one of these manual accounts, I need to make a manual transaction that shows the other side of the transfer (i.e.: the “Transfer In” transaction to the manual account).

As it is, I have to create the manual transaction under the wrong category, then change it to the correct one once it’s populated in the Transactions sheet. If I remove my transfer categories from being hidden, they will show up as an option when creating a manual transaction. But they also show up in all reports, which is definitely not what I want.


Take my Cash on hand account as an example. It’s a manual account for obvious reasons. My bank account balances/transactions are updated by Tiller. When I withdraw money from my bank ATM, the money is going to my “Cash on hand” account. Tiller pulls in the “Transfer Out” transaction for that money from my bank account, and I tag the category as such. I have to then create a positive manual transaction for the “Cash on hand” account and mark it as “Transfer In”. I currently cannot do this without some annoying steps like selecting the wrong category then adjusting it once the transaction is made, or unhiding the “Transfer In” category, creating the transaction, then hiding it again so it does not affect reports.

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Hi @1Email2RuleThemAll I have this entered as a change request already, but I don’t know what the ETA of it being available is at this point. But hopefully within the next few weeks.

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Oh awesome, thanks for the reply! Happy cake day!