Formating square transactions

I have a number of transactions where the merchant uses square so the descriptions looks like “SQ *JOE & TH” is there a way to use autocat or or regex to lop off that beginning “SQ *” and it’s not just one merchant but many?

Hi @ctlee

AutoCat is a great tool for this, and while it may take some time to create the rules for each merchant, it is well worth the effort.

As you know, most merchant entries using the Square system have enough identifiers in the transaction description to distinguish it from others. Using the Autocat Rules can identify and replace these descriptions with the names you want.

To simply the process, sort your transactions by description to group those using the Sq prefix. Then isolate those associated with the same vendor and use AutoCat’s rule builder to propose the rule for you.

Here’s a refresher on how to make that happen.

I agree and disagree, I’ve imported the past few years. and for those merchants that appear more than say 5 times, I’ve created their own autocat. but for those that only showed up a couple time, no. From the help file I’ve noticed a section there’s a starts with modifier available. Is it possible, to use that and and use it to replace certain prefixes with nothing and maintain the rest of the description?