Fortnightly budget - with bills budgeted on due dates

Hi all

I’ve been playing with the savings budget, and the monthly budget on the foundation template (as add ons)

However I can’t quite find what I’d like.

I get paid fortnightly - I’d really like to track not by month, but fortnightly. I’ve tried monthly, by working out the monthly amounts - but I find this really hard when some months I get paid twice, and others 3 times.

Right now i’m working at having a 0 balance each fortnight, with any extra going on debt repayments.

I’d like to be able to enter upcoming bills, against a catagory - for a due date, and have it in my budget for that upcoming paycheck.
And be able to tell that for that fortnight I will have enough money for it.
Is there any community solutions like this?

Thanks in advance!

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most of the backend is coded on a monthly or weekly schedule. since you’re paid on a bi-weekly basis could you cover it to a weekly basis? if so you can covert it to weekly basis, you’ll have to re-arrange the directions in the hidden columns to pull from an adjusted categories listing, but once you re-formulated it should work? I had to do something similar to get the amount section to pull from a net vs gross column

Thanks! yes weekly would work… what hidden sheets should i play with?

You’ll generally see all the hidden formulas on the right, with an arrow on the row header bar. it’s next to the H on the monthly budget you’ll see all the months listed