Scheduled Transaction Dates for Budget?

Relative newbie here - loving it so far, but I have a question I didn’t see answered anywhere - can I put due dates for regular bills in my budget (ie electric due on the 21st, health insurance due on the 28th, etc)? One of the reasons I’m really trying to double down on managing my finances is because I have no system to track when stuff is due. If I can look at my budget and see right away that XX is due the 3rd of every month, it relieves a little stress :sweat_smile:

If you use the Budget Plan template you can include ‘Start Date’, which ties the budget item to a day of the month.

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Thank you!! I appreciate the info!!

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There is also a Docs: Bill Payment Tracker which just tracks bills, both upcoming and when paid which I find very useful. I then use Google Data Studio and I email my weekly bills on Sunday night.