Help with Budgets and Debt Planner

I’m having some trouble understanding how to use the Monthly/Yearly Budget sheets alone and together with the Debt Planner. I think that at least some of the issue with the Budget sheets is that the bulk of my Transactions aren’t categorized. That’s a whole other issue. It’s honestly kind of a pain to categorize transactions, even with AutoCat.
Looking for great tutorials on those 2 sheets and how to get them up and running correctly. Then I can see what else might be wrong with my Debt Planner (too many >30 years )

For anyone else looking for help…

Hi @shonrs those are great resources, did you find those helpful or do you have additional questions?
If you’re seeing a payoff period of > 30 years, please make sure that the value in “Monthly Payoff Goal” (top left of the Debt Payoff Planner sheet) is filled in and that it’s an adequate amount to cover the total interest payments.

I wonder if I have an outdated version? Mine doesn’t say “Monthly Payoff Goal” anywhere on the sheet. :thinking:

@shonrs hope these screenshots help!