Debt Planner Template requires all accounts to have a budget, if one account has a budget

This was driving me nuts, but I finally figured it out.
IIRC, using the budget is optional. However, I originally just had one account separated in my budget, and the rest were generic “debt paid.”
However, once I put in all my accounts and the minimum payments for all accounts went above the budget amount (which was just for one account), the sheet went all screwy.
I had negative est interest paid, and for some accounts, it had it paid off in the past and others were “never paid off.”
Once I put a budget for all the other accounts, it then went back to how it was supposed to be.

Also, M7 seems to be incorrect. I think it should be sum(M8:M), similar to the other cells. I’m getting the wrong number for my Total Recommended Amount. It does not equal to the sum of the recommended amounts for my accounts.

Can you also clarify how you do the “Actuals?” It seems you just take a positive amount in the debt account, not the payment or expense category. In this case, won’t any positive amount trigger a payment? If I’m using a credit card and paying it down, how will a return or refund impact the Actuals column?

I saw you posted to my similar issue…did you ever get yours resolved? I’m finding the previous “debt progress” template working better than the new one.

yes, I actually got it resolved. I needed to add all debt to a budget category and then it works. It takes a bit of getting used to but I mostly use it to see where I stand, I’m not 100% sure about the budget numbers and number they say to pay.

Thank you! Good luck and happy budgeting!