Debt Planner Worksheet Woes

Okay, I don’t get it. I totally don’t understand how this Debt Planner sheet is supposed to work. I’m clueless. If I start with one account entered, simple, no interest just a balance, EVEN then I can’t figure what this is telling me. When I add another account I’m even more befuddled. The months change and they make no sense to me at all. If I look the date it says it would be paid off I can’t, in no way, make the numbers jive. Is it just me??

Can someone PLEASE explain in layman’s terms how this is supposed to work? Maybe approaching it from the 1st entry then building upon that may help. I don’t know, just anything might help!

@cgconeal, did you happen to attend the recent webinar we did on this solution?

Based on what I can see here, it’s projecting that you’ll have both of these paid off next year (not that they’d be paid off already :thinking: )

Going to watch this snd see

In the example with two accounts, it’s expecting you to pay off the Affirm one first (paying $95 to it and $50 to CPS). And then once you pay off Affirm, you put the full $145 to the other one. That’s why when there are two accounts, CPS gets paid off in June where it would be October by itself.

If you aren’t willing to put the $95 from Affirm payments towards the CPS debt, CPS would not be paid off until October.

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