Debt Planner with 0 debt impacts other debts if removed but still budgeted

I found this weird issue on my sheet. I have two debts that are fully paid off.
If I remove one them by deleting the contents in Column A for that Row, the Est Total Interest for other debts will change if I forgot to change the budget to remove that debt.
Not sure if there is anything to be done about that or the Current Balance should be utilized but it took me a bit to figure out why this was happening so I thought better post so others can know if they have the same issue.

Thanks for the update here.

So column A is just you clearing the account name for that account from the dropdown?

Yep, I just tried again and added $100 per month to the budget and this is the result:

then, interestingly enough, when I remove the budget, it still stays at the higher amount.
Another fact, the higher I make the Prosper budget, the lower the PFFCU Total Interest is, so it looks like it is using the budget from one to pay the other, which I guess makes sense.